Get Started with Datmo CE®

1. Create a Datmo account

First, you’ll need to create an account that will be used for the web platform, and to post models and track changes remotely using our Datmo CE® CLI.


2. Download and install Datmo CE® CLI


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You can download and install Datmo CE® by copying the command below into your terminal. If you're running on a Windows machine, check out our installation guide on the docs page

$ curl -OL && \
    sudo bash

Note: if you’re manually copy+pasting it, don’t include the dollar sign.

You can also download the installer by clicking the button below.

To run the Installer, you can copy and paste the following command into your terminal. See the above link if you are running on Windows.

$ sudo bash


10.11 (El Capitan) or newer


Trusty 14.04 (LTS) or newer


Not yet supported natively. Check out our workaround

3. Complete a quick 3-minute Datmo tutorial

Ready to create your first snapshot and interact with your first model? Click on the link below to get started using Datmo in under 3 minutes.