Datmo Community Edition® is about bringing the community together

Datmo Community Edition® is a simple CLI workflow tool and web platform to bring standardization, complete reproducibility, and collaboration to model tracking.

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Leverage the tools you already work with like GitHub, Notebooks and frameworks.

model tracking for reproducibility

Keep track of iterations and automatically make your work clear and reproducible.

model tracking enables versions you can share
Collaboration and Sharing

Fork models like you do code and compare versions with your collaborators

view your tracked model versions with a unified GUI
Simple and intuitive CLI and GUI

Build with what you're used to locally, push to Datmo when you're ready.

model tracking plugs into existing workflows

Version your Models for complete reproducibility with Datmo Snapshots

artificial intelligence models are tracked with snapshots
Datmo Models are like repos for AI

Datmo Models are like regular models but track more than just code. They track tasks, environments, data, and code. Never lose track of your work again.

artificial intelligence model tracking is possible with snapshots, the commits for artificial intelligence
Datmo Snapshots are like commits for AI

Datmo Snapshots record changes to your Datmo Model. With Snapshots, Datmo enables you to reproduce experiments and results. Filter and compare Snapshots with diffs on the Datmo platform.

Build Models together with the community

Leverage the tools you already use and enhance your workflow. Build on top of other's work, share your progress, and deploy models into applications.

collaborate on model tracking with your peers
collaborate on model versions with peers
Collaborate on Models

You can share your Datmo Models with your team, specific collaborators, or the community at large for faster results.

share knowledge of models with your peers
Compare Snapshots

With Datmo Snapshots, you can compare, view changes, reproduce experiments, and build on top of other's work.

Intuitive Command-line Interface and Web Platform

Datmo integrates with your current workflow with a familiar command-line interface and simple web application.

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model tracking with a command line interface
Work anywhere with our convenient CLI

The Datmo CLI is the Git for AI. Track your work, orchestrate experiments, and share with collaborators all in one place.

compare model versions (snapshots) in the web interface
Compare Snapshots with ease

Datmo's web GUI makes it easy to view and compare Snapshots between users and find the right Snapshots to build on, share with others, and deploy to production

collaborate with your peers in the web interface
Collaborate end-to-end

Use Datmo's web platform to find Models created by the Datmo Community and invite team members to build, contribute, and deploy with you.

Join the community and learn from the best.

We'd love for you to join us in our vision to democratize artificial intelligence, and advance the next frontier of technological progress.

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