Our Story

3 years ago, co-founders Shabaz and Anand dropped out of their PhD programs in the Stanford AI lab, aiming to take the AI techniques they learned and taught about in academia to solve problems in industry. While these AI methods were previously available exclusively in research labs and large companies, the pair knew there was a better way to help companies of all sizes and industries harness the power of AI.

Shabaz and Anand first met as TA’s for CS 229, the wildly popular machine learning course taught at Stanford, and discovered that while AI applications vary drastically by domain, there are commonalities in the process of building them.

Over the last few years, Anand and Shabaz have worked with enterprises ranging from finance, technology, manufacturing, and beyond to craft solutions and develop a faster system for achieving business success. The culmination of their work has led to what is now Datmo, and the results speak for themselves. Outcomes of Datmo’s work range from increasing platform engagement through improved recommendation systems, decreasing factory equipment costs, freeing up workers to increasing the rate of visual inspection over 200%, among many others. Anand and Shabaz, along with the growing Datmo team, have achieved incredible business value for a number of organizations.

Today, Datmo is scaling their approach with a set of tools that enable quicker success for businesses and is excited to continue working with great companies toward the goal of implementing AI applications for optimizing ROI.